Draws attention to a problem many self-employed:

Draws attention to a problem many self-employed:

the financial burden of excessive health insurance contributions. Especially low earning solo self-employed overtax the costs, many accumulate debts. The reason for this is the minimum contribution, 

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High health insurance contribution burdened the self-employed

High health insurance contribution burdened the self-employed

  • Many self-employed feel the contribution to the statutory health insurance as a financial overburdening.
  • Not only do you have to pay the health insurance costs yourself, you also have to pay a minimum income.
  • When the government wants to lower the minimum contribution as planned, is currently open.

Around 2.1 million self-employed persons are covered by statutory health insurance in this country. Some of them do not even earn 1,000 euros a month, but have to pay at least 320 euros to their health insurance . If additional contributions, sickness benefit and care allowance are added, around 436 euros will be due each month. Due to this immense financial burden many self-employed people can not pay their health insurance contributions and make debts at their cash register. Reason enough for ARD Plusminus to take a look at the situation of those affected in the current program.

Self-employed people fail to believe that they earn well

The problem that the contribution to the statutory health insurance for low-income self-employed is disproportionate to income has been known for years. The reason for the high costs is the minimum income which the funds set up for self-employed insured persons. This is around 2,284 euros per month . As long as self-employed earn less, they burden the health insurance contribution disproportionately.

If they earn more, the contribution depends on the income. However, unlike workers, the self-employed have to pay the entire health insurance costs themselves . There is no employer grant.

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Federal Government plans discharge

The Federal Government announced in the coalition agreement that the minimum assessment base should be reduced to 1,150 euros . However, many critics continue to see a disadvantage in the scheme , especially when compared to employees . In the past, the Association of Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed Germany criticized the fact that self-employed persons earning between € 435 and € 1,150 would pay a minimum contribution above that for employees with the same income. Moreover, it is still uncertain when exactly the Grand Coalition wants to put the project into action.

How can self-employed reduce their health insurance costs?

Depending on the income, self-employed pay together with the additional contribution, sick pay and care contribution monthly up to 845 euros to their health insurance . Given these high costs, it may make sense for them to consider switching to private health insurance (PHI) . Here, the costs do not depend on the amount of income, which results in a large saving potential . In addition, privately insured persons can individually assemble their health protection according to their wishes. So much flexibility does not offer the statutory health insurance.

Another advantage of PKV is the often faster appointment of specialist doctors . This is especially important for the self-employed. Because the sooner your symptoms have been clarified by the doctor, the faster you can get well and make money from your work again. The most important thing, however, is that the self-employed can lower their health insurance costs with a private health insurance plan . Those insurers who offer the best mix of price, performance and service, find out interested with a non-binding tariff comparison