ESM verdict: euro bailout not unconstitutional – Constitutional Court judge

Wednesday, 12.09.12 , written by Anja Schlicht The decision on the case against the ESM has been dropped. The Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe ruled today Wednesday that the ESM does not violate the Basic Law. Thus, Germany can ratify the rescue package as the last Euro-country. International 

 ESM-Urteil: Euro-Rettungsschirm nicht verfassungswidrig – Verfassungsrichter entscheiden

The Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe has spent a long time deciding on the ESM – three months. But not wrongly. Because a lot was at stake, not least the future of the Eurozone. As expected by legal experts and even the plaintiffs, the eight constitutional judges, chaired by Andreas Voßkuhle, have dismissed the claim that the ESM violates the Basic Law.

Verdict on ESM fallen-demanded

However, the verdict on the euro rescue package is subject to conditions: the German liability limit must be clearly defined. At present, Germany’s share of the rescue package is 27 percent. With a total volume of 700 billion euros, which equips the ESM for rescuing financially troubled euro states and banks, this amounts to a total of 190 billion euros. So far, however, the ESM also provides that the Federal Republic in an emergency, for example, if other euro countries can not pay their share, must pay more money. Therefore, the Constitutional Court requires a limitation of liability to the 190 billion euros and the regulation that no provision of the ESM without the consent of German representatives may be interpreted differently, so that the limitation of liability can be bypassed. Another edition of the court refers to the fact that under certain circumstances the Federal Government may not be bound by the ESM.

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Feared power loss of the Bundestag

The plaintiffs, including 37,000 citizens in the name of the association “Mehr Demokratie”, the Left and the CSU deputy Peter Gauweiler, had turned to the Constitutional Court, as they saw the control rights of the Bundestag in danger. Through the ESM, the EU Commission and the ECB have the opportunity to circumvent the design and control rights of the Bundestag elected by the people. The plaintiffs demanded that citizens vote before tax money is transferred to EU bodies.

Consequences of a veto of the Constitutional Court

If the constitutional judges had vetoed the ESM and thus prevented the final adoption of the euro rescue package, would be in the opinion of Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) “significant economic upheavals with unforeseen consequences” the consequences. Some countries would collapse under the debt burden and enormous cuts in debt would follow, which could have a very negative impact on the European financial system. Finally, even the end of the euro zone is possible. Therefore, the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court was not surprising in view of the fact that everything was at stake.

Constitutional complaint against ESM nevertheless successful for plaintiff

The plaintiffs considered their action despite the defeat in court as success. Without their intervention, the ESM would have come into force on 1 July 2012, the conditions now imposed would never have existed. The ESM can now be set up in the course of October to replace the EFSF as planned.

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Majority of Germans are not sufficiently prepared for retirement

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Thursday, 25.08.16 , written by Anja Schlicht According to a recent study, fewer and fewer Germans think that their retirement is sufficiently financially secure. While almost 49 percent of those polled four years ago, the figure is now only 37 percent. Even more than one in three does not have a retirement strategy yet. State, consumers and pension providers are equally in demand here. > Wissen über Finanzlücke bleibt ohne Taten Only a few Germans have concrete retirement planning

For the second time since 2012, insurer Aegon asked 16,000 people in 15 countries how well they are prepared for retirement. In Germany, the so-called retirement readiness is classified as medium. Compared to 2012, it shows that "the pension gap has increased in recent years ." Because only a little more than one in three (37 percent) feels sufficiently financially secure for retirement. In 2012, almost every second person was of this opinion. The study also shows that just 18 percent of Germans know how much money they have at retirement age .

Despite knowledge about financial gap Germans remain inactive

According to the Aegon study, 36 percent of those surveyed did not develop a financial concept for the end of their lives. Only twelve percent of the working population can claim to have drafted a corresponding concept in writing. Almost half say they have a plan in their heads. But not only in terms of financial security in old age, there are major gaps in knowledge . Even in the event of becoming incapacitated, not even one in three is prepared. Only 30 percent of the study participants have thought about the topic of disability and want to compensate for income losses through savings, the pension from disability insurance or the financial support from the partner.

"Overall, our study shows that workers are well aware of the looming financial gap in retirement. However, they lack an overview of how high this actually turns out and they do not allow this knowledge to follow any deeds ", summed up Andreas Mank from Aegon. Tip: Once again, a study shows that Germans lack the knowledge of how much money they have available in their old age. As a consultant, therefore, explain to your customers and show them by means of an overview how big their pension gap is. To quickly acquire new customers, buy our first-class retirement leads.


Anja Schlicht

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    • Majority of Germans are not sufficiently prepared for retirement

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